What Artificial Intelligence will mean for an IT Project Manager in Edmonton

If you have seen the recent stream of advertisements showing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning across a lot of dimensions. As a keen mind on applicability of such concepts on daily events affecting business and our lives, I wondered how we could use all that into projects and the management of them now and in the future. We then looked at a company doing well at project management techniques – they helped Starbucks reach milestones through projects innovatively executed. They opened up a can of worms we are pleased to bring to your table.

Nowadays, the tasks that are expected from IT manager Edmonton have been made a lot easier with communication tools and refinement of strategies. Not much has changed in as far as what they do exactly over time, but their environment has not been the same in any year before. A recent meeting hosted by the PMI, revealed the same problems to be blocking progress – missing data and usually wrong forms of it.

Because data is a very vital element when looking at IT project management the advised use of artificial intelligence to try out the entire life cycle of provided data could save much needed time. It will save IT project managers a lot of stress too.

Some project managers have mastered the voodoo act of predicting when the events in their projects will end, but it never always ends at the set date. The use of artificial intelligence in more projects will have more accurate predictions. Because they will map out all possible scenarios and sum up the various times to completion, it will be easier for all team members to map onto that better calculation than on a gut feeling. Real world data manipulation will revolutionize all project management gigs.

The resources allocating tasks mandated to project managers could become automated through artificially intelligent bots. Outsourcing, giving access and measuring progress of any needed professionals will make for faster and higher quality results. The same bots could streamline response rates to feedback loops and spell better project development and delivery times.

All these advancements will possibly have better reporting systems for each stage of a project, separating nodes from each other and from the bigger picture. It is predicted that this kind of reporting will bring gamified results into project management. In the past, gamification has been proven to bring performance levels of project members to alarmingly high peaks. The same peak performance together with incentives such as rest and even allocation of more fulfilling tasks all make for better results when the sand runs out in the time glass.

While a lot of these predictions are set to make things better, any projects faced then will have more hands to resolve them since most of the work will have been automated. Some of the problems faced now won’t necessarily be wiped out, the fact that a human element is involved brings window for errors.